Monday, September 20, 2010

#36: Stollen

Although it's a festive bread, there's no law against making stollen in September.  Hey, it's how I celebrated the fall equinox. Or something like that.

This is actually my second time making stollen, the other time being last Christmas time before I started the BBA Challenge.  Since it had been so long ago and since the bread tastes so good, I decided to make it again.  When I made it last December, I didn't have any marzipan on hand so I used sliced almonds so this time I decided to spring for the marzipan and it was delicious.

Unlike most of Peter's recipes, this recipe takes only one day to make.  I substituted lemon and orange extract for the brandy and used dried fruit instead of the candied fruit mix, both suggestions from the grace notes.  Kneading the dough is a bit difficult, a lot like casatiello, mostly because the chunks are a bit abrasive on the hands.  The kids where very sad that I would only give them a slice before they headed to bed and when I got back from work on Monday, it was all gone.

Here is a picture of the stollen I made last December:

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