Thursday, October 28, 2010

I find sourdough a fascinating topic of study.  But it hasn't always been so.  When I first tried my hand at sourdough I was a little intimidated, mostly because it went against my upbringing which had drilled into me a deep fear of anything that had been left out of the refrigerator too long.  Chalk it up to too many close encounters with fermented potato salads at family reunions.  Leaving a wet flour mixture to ferment for days in the open air screams danger to me.  And the rank smell doesn't help.

However after making a couple sourdough starters from Peter Reinhart's book, The Bread Baker's Apprentice, my fears subsided and my fascination started.  Which is when I discovered Northwest Sourdough, a site dedicated to the exploring of making authentic, professional quality sourdough at home.  Teresa has a lot of great stuff on her site.  One pleasant surprise that I found today is she has published her book Discovering Sourdough: Professional sourdough breads baked at home using only the wild yeast in PDF format.  After reading the first few pages, I can already see this will be a great book to take my sourdough experience to the next level.  Check it out if you're interested in learning more about sourdough.

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